When it comes to choosing financial advisors or accountants in Laverton North, there are many firms that will tell you what to invest in or where to save your money. With that being said, individuals and businesses turn to Modoras when they wish to learn how to define and achieve their true financial potential.

Have you been looking for a reputable team of financial advisors and accountants to help you define and work toward your financial goals? Are you ready to do more with your money? Financial success is within reach when you have Modoras working on your side, every step of the way.

For many years, Modoras has been showing people in Laverton North how to best manage and use their money so that they can fulfill financial goals and enjoy brighter financial futures. Here’s how:


If you own a business, your time and energy are best spent focusing on improving your products and services, not sorting through paperwork to complete tax returns or trying to decipher which is the best way to finance an expansion or new piece of equipment. Accounting and finance may not be your specialty, but luckily for you, it’s ours.

Modoras is pleased to offer the businesses in this area a full range of financial services. Perhaps the biggest goal of any business is to maximise their bottom line, by reducing their expenses and increasing profits. With the help and advice of a team of accountants and financial advisors, businesses receive the type of customised financial strategy they need.

Whether they need to learn how to better manage debts and/or cashflow, to reduce their expenses, want to minimise their taxes or structure their business in the most tax-effective manner possible, businesses get the support and expert knowledge they need from Modoras. Organising salary packaging or superannuation and devising the strategies that help businesses build their wealth are just two of the many other ways this financial firm can help a business and its owner(s).

When you meet with us to discuss your business’ needs, you will be rest assured that your company’s finances are in the most capable hands. Call us and let’s discuss the financial future of your company.


Just like businesses, individuals living in the Laverton North area have the opportunity to put their money to work so that they might enjoy the type of life they’ve always dreamed of living, either now or in the future. Every day, Modoras works with people to define their financial goals and to create the strategy that will allow them to achieve those goals in the most efficient way possible.

Throughout every stage of our lives, there are financial requirements we need to meet. On your own, it may be difficult to see how to best use your money or that you’re capable of doing more with the money you earn. When you’re able to draw on the expert knowledge and advice of a team of people like those at Modoras, however, preparing for and thriving through any stage of life is that much easier.

Planning for retirement is just one of the many ways the team of accountants and advisors at Modoras work with people to better manage and grow their wealth. While some people will want to learn how to save for their children’s educations by creating a practical budget and learning how to best invest their money or use their Self-Managed Super Funds, others will be ready to learn how to plan their estate in the most tax-effective manner possible. No matter your age, there are financial solutions that can be of benefit to you.

These are just some of the many ways Modoras can provide you with the solutions you need to achieve more financially. Until you’ve spoken with one of our consultants about your financial situation, short and long-term goals, you will never know what you’re capable of doing, from a financial standpoint. It’s time to raise the bar and to put your money to work. We’ll show you how!

If you’re a business owner or an individual who’s ready to do more and achieve more with their money, contact us for a consultation. Our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority and what drives us to continuously exceed the expectations of those who seek our counsel. We look forward to working with you!