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How to drive your business growth

14 August, 2017 by James Morris // Business

Do you want more of your favourite clients? Do you want to increase the number of times these clients come back? Do you want to increase the value of each client? Do you want to increase business process effectiveness? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, the good news is, these factors […]

Growing profit per transaction image 1

Growing profit per transaction

8 August, 2017 by James Morris // Accounting

Convincing your customers to buy from you is one of the greatest challenges any business faces. And once you’ve attracted a customer to your business you must carefully walk the fine line between keeping them satisfied, and offering them other products or services you think might add value or enhance their experience (and your bottom […]

Superannuation is a long-term investment,

Superannuation is a long term investment, make sure you treat it like one

26 July, 2017 by Katerina Sousalis // Financial Planning

“It’s your time in the market, not your timing of the market that will have the most impact on your final balance at retirement1”. Superannuation is a long term investment by nature.  As you look over your statements and updates through the years, you’ll see that some years your investments may go backwards, especially if […]

The only thing that stays the same is change itself.

Business improvements, how do you choose what to do first?

21 June, 2017 by Jita Sarai // Business

New Year’s Resolution time. Ok so it’s not the calendar year end, but there’s no reason why the end of financial year can’t provide the trigger for you to make some improvements to your business. Or, more specifically, one improvement. What if you could pick one thing in your business that you’d like to change? […]

The sand in the hourglass is really running out now. Source: Adobe stock

The final countdown: super reforms start on July 1

2 June, 2017 by Katerina Sousalis // Financial Planning

Over the past weeks we’ve been doing our best to present the impacts of the upcoming super reforms in a way that’s clear and gives you a sense of what you need to expect on 1 July. And as we enter the final month of the financial year, we hope you have prepared yourself and […]