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Find out all you can about CGT relief. 	Source: Adobe stock

How does CGT relief under the new super reform work in practice?

Financial Planning / 7 April, 2017

The federal government has persistently justified its super reforms by telling us that many of the changes to super coming up on 1 July 2017 don’t affect too many people. This may be true, but those who are impacted have some major decisions ahead of them. The truth is, the numbers of Australians who need […]

The upcoming super reforms can’t be ignored. Source: Adobe stock

How the new Transfer Balance Cap affects your super

Financial Planning / 6 April, 2017

One of the new super reforms getting a decent amount of attention from industry experts and media is the new transfer balance cap (TBC). It limits the total balance that any individual can roll into a tax-free income stream to $1.6m. From 1 July 2017, every time any Australian rolls accumulated super into a pension, […]

Super reform pt1 Kat

How are you impacted by the new super reforms?

Financial Planning / 5 April, 2017

The new super reforms come into force on 1 July. Many of these changes impact only a tiny percentage of the population, but if you’re a part of the 1%, that impact could be significant. We want you to be aware and be prepared. It’s April already. The year is flying by. If there’s any […]

Beware of not taking risk management seriously Source: Abigail Keenan-Unsplash

Risk management for small business: it’s non-negotiable

Accounting / 30 March, 2017

Many small businesses expose themselves to potential problems by not taking risk management seriously1. Businesses that don’t identify and prepare for the risks they’re facing leave themselves exposed to unexpected events like the loss of staff or a major customer, issues with stock or materials or technology. And apart from protecting yourself against loss of […]

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