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The golden rules of wealth creation image 1

The golden rules of wealth creation

create wealth / 7 November, 2017

Many people fail to create wealth because they lack knowledge of where to start, or confidence in their ability to make the right decisions1. No one automatically knows how to budget, or save or invest wisely, these are skills you need to learn. If you’re keen to create wealth and a strong financial future, you […]

Growing profit per transaction image 2

Your money: Finding it, keeping it and growing it.

Accounting / 7 November, 2017

For every thousand dollars that your business earns, do you know how much; You spent on wages and costs? Was wasted in business duplication? You get to keep? And for the money kept – where did it go? Did you take it as profit, drawings, or was it reinvested back into the growth of your […]

How does Global Inflation impact Australian Investors image 1

How does Global Inflation impact Australian Investors?

Australian inflation / 30 October, 2017

Inflation is the rate at which the price of goods and services rise (and the power of money falls). It’s an issue for everyone (no one likes paying more for anything), but while you’re earning income, your salary should (in theory), increase along with the cost of living, leaving you no better or worse off. […]

How do foreign exchange fluctuations impact Australian investments

How do foreign exchange fluctuations impact Australian investments

currency movements / 23 October, 2017

Foreign exchange risk (or currency risk) is the financial risk of an investment’s value changing due to the changes in currency exchange rates1. Any time you invest in an asset with an overseas connection you will be exposed to foreign exchange (or FX) risk. It doesn’t have to be an overseas asset either. Investment in […]

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