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Super reform pt1 Kat

How are you impacted by the new super reforms?

Financial Planning / 21 March, 2017

The new super reforms come into force on 1 July. Many of these changes impact only a tiny percentage of the population, but if you’re a part of the 1%, that impact could be significant. We want you to be aware and be prepared. It’s March already. The year is flying by. If there’s any […]


Modoras is a Finalist at the 2017 Australian Small Business Champion Awards!

News / 17 March, 2017

We are thrilled to announce that Modoras is once again a 2017 Australian Small Business Champion finalist, this time in Business Services! Back in 2014, the Modoras team was named National Champion in Business Services just in time to celebrate 30 years of leadership in the financial services industry. Thrilled and pleased at the chance to […]

A mountain has many faces that form one cohesive whole, so do your finances. Source: Unsplash, Paul E Harrer

Full-faceted financial advice has the power to transform your financial prosperity

Financial Planning / 16 March, 2017

Multi-faceted means having many sides, or having many different aspects or features. A diamond is multi-faceted, so is a mountain. Both have many distinctive faces and aspects that make up a complex, cohesive whole. Multi-faceted is also an apt description of the nature of financial advice and investment planning today. For anyone contemplating their future […]

A good financial advisor adds more than just financial value. Source: Adobe stock

How the best financial planners create wealth and add value

Financial Planning / 15 February, 2017

How does a financial advisor provide value? What are you missing out on if you don’t use one? Without a qualified financial planner, your future financial position may be below its potential and/or haphazard. Not to mention the possibility of leaving you and your family at risk of potential financial devastation. Without reliable advice, you may […]

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